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Another birthday has come and gone... Maybe I'll consider growing up in a few more years...


The Hot Pockets played last week at the Unity Coffeehouse & at a house concert - good times!! I wish we had more house concerts around here. They are a very fun gig & you get to know your audience. Turn Back Time will be singing songs and telling stories about FL at Kojak's on Sept 14, 9pm.


Sarasota Folk Festival plans are being made - we need more volunteers!!


Jim is 61 today. He was 25 when we first met in a rock-n-roll band in Penfield, NY. I still love you Jim Dunn!


My sister is coming this evening to take over dad duties. Turn Back Time is practicing tonight, and if I have any energy left over, I may go to the Wed. night jam at Jean's tonight. I just added a link on www.sarasotafolkfestival.org to download the 2011 performer application!


Turn Back Time is busy putting together a promo package, writing Florida songs and learning new songs. Uncle Brian (Maple Mountain Music) is in Rocester, NY soaking up the cool air and playing lots of music! Garden Cats (Ishmael Katz, Susan Gaar and Carolyn Dunn) is the new band name - Susan is out west with her daughter, Ish is just getting back from a Delta Blues drive-a-bout, and I'm busy learning new songs.


Happy 4th of July!! Jean's 4th of July potluck & jam was excellent!


Vermont was beautiful!! I sang at an open mic with my son, Mike, and granddaughter, Isabella. How cool is that?!?!?! The jam at Jean's on June 17 was small but very good. I hope to make tomorrow's Wed. night jam at Jean's, and the July 3rd potluck and jam at Jean's. Wow! Jean sure knows how to party!


The Wed. night jam at Susan's was terrific! What a bunch of excellent musicians.


I can't wait to head to the Florida Folk Festival! We're leaving early May 27.


OUCH! I played in the big waves in the Gulf last weekend and hurt my back - sometimes I forget that I'm not young anymore :~(


James Hawkins, Jim Dunn and I played two sets of History with American Folk Music yesterday at Pine View in Osprey yesterday. The students and teachers were fantastic - we had a blast!


Kojak's was a hoot last night! I wish more Sarasota folkies would drive up to palmetto on Tues. Florida Folk Night! It is always an adventure to play music with Ishmael Katz---a journey into the unknown at times!


James Hawkins and Dunn Duo played three Florida History shows at Pine View Elementary School in Osprey yesterday. What fun!! The kids were terrific! Maple Mountain Music will be performing SUNDAY at Oscar Scherer State Park's Earth Day.


I finished the FOFF ad and now I'm udatng the website for May. Wow! The Florida Folk Festival is coming right up!!


Six more days until James Hawkins with Dunn Duo play our Florida History with Folk Music show at Pine View School!!


Thanks to the Dinner Club - Dunn Duo had a terrific time!


Maple Mountain Music will be at Earth Day at Oscar Scherer State park on April 18!!


Happy April Fool's Day!


Today is my dad's 79th birthday - YAY for dad.


The Sarasota County Fair opens today!! Maple Mountain Music will be playing at Cracker Land tonight at 7pm.


The Sarasota County Fair is opening tomorrow... Maple Mountain Music will be playing there at Cracker Land tomorrow and Monday.


Willfest was rockin! It'll take me another day or two to recover from three festivals in a row!


I'm getting ready to head out for Willfest!! GO AWAY RAIN!!!


What a terrific time I had at the Sarasota Folk Festival!!! I wish I hadn't pooped out before the awesome campfire jam .... whaaa.


I had the privilege of being on stage with Mindy Simmons at Stevefest last weekend - she really really ROCKS! Did you'll hear the Hot Pockets on WSLR 95.6 "From the Mountains and Beyond" today?!?! We were plugging the Sarasota Folk Festival - ONLY 5 MORE DAYS!!!!


It was another wonderful day hanging with the ishmael Katz & Friends people. My VT son and his family are here visiting - I just love being a Grammy!


It is great fun to hang with the Ishmael Katz & Friends crew! We're all counting the days until the festival - still lots to do!


Lots of rehearsals!! More music....less work!!


OMG - it's February already! Only 33 more days until the Sarasota Folk Festival!!! The rehearsal with Ishmael Katz and Friends was FUN yesterday.


There's so much music...so little time!! Maple Mountain Music, along with our good friends Ray Ladd and Kevin McQuire jammed during the Oscar Scherer State Park All Trail Hike yesterday....FUN! (but we missed Laura)... I've been keeping busy with festival details - we're going to have a slendid festival again this year - www.sarasotafolkfestival.org. I'm rehearsing with Ishmael Katz and Friends today - what a bunch of wonderful, kind & gentle people!


A couple people have asked me where the Dunns are working out. Our trainer is Scott Chmiel. He's terrific!


The meeting with the Friends of Oscar Scherer Park, Inc. went very well last night. The 'Friends' will be helping us again with this year's festival.


We're still working out and feeling great! There are only 54 days until the Sarasota Folk Festival!!!


Happy New Year!!! The festival meeting last night was very productive. There are only 61 more days until the March 2010 festival!!!


We had a fantastic Holiday of Song last night! Our club is so lucky to have the Sarasota Sailing Squadron as our concert series venue.


What a cold and rainy couple of days we've had! I will find out soon if and when the Friends of Oscar Scherer Park Inc. will reschedule the Recycling and Fun event. I'm sorry my communication wasn't better to spread the word that it was postponed - I'll improve on it next time! During your very busy December, remember MUSIC!!!


Wow!!! It's December already!! The Hot Pockets had a terrific time at the Sailing Squadron last night - thanks to everyone who came out to hear us - we felt the love...


I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving. We drove to our son's in Fort Meyers - dinner was fantastic, but I think I put on three of the pounds I've worked so hard to lose.... Luckily, I have a work out tonight! The Hot Pockets are working hard on our set for the Sailing Squadron concert this coming Monday!! I'm organizing a folk jam/circle for Dec. 5 at Oscar Scherer State Park. Maple Mountain Music will be there, and I hope a bunch of other performers.


Thank you to all the performers at the Oscar Scherer family Music Fest! You were all fantastic! There a folk club meeting today.


The Family Music Fest at Oscar Scherer State Park is this Sat.!!!! Please come and support live music! The Hot Pockets are rehearing for the Sailing Squadron concert Nov 30.


Barberville Jamboree ROCKED! Thank you James Hawkins for asking us to play your wonderful music with you. Maple Mountain Music had a couple of good sets, and Uncle Brian is still a cool guy, but don't tell him I said that!!


I was planning on going to the new old time jam tomorrow in Ellenton, but I have to help Julia and Nick move tomorrow...maybe next Sunday.


Troy is a marvelous chef!!! The Hot Pockets are practicing Holiday Songs.


We had an excellent Folk Festival meeting yesterday - we're on our way!! Very Exciting!!


Lake County Folk Festival was terrific! Very HOT though!! Planning the Sarasota Folk Festival is under way. Hot Pockets and Maple Mountain Music have a busy November - hooray! It was good to see Lou at Mother's Musical Bakery (the Rowan Cunningham band - an excellent show) and at Alpha Omega Cafe (James Hawkins & Well Dunn).


Hot Pockets are heading off to Lake County Folk Festival late this afternoon! Our pockets will certainly be hot in this weather!!


I'm updating the Sarasota Folk Festival volunteer positions today and hope to have it posted this weekend! We're going to need lots and lots of help!!


A bunch of the Sarasota folkies will be going to the Lake County Folk Festival on Oct 10: James Hawkins, Hot Pockets, Ishmael Katz and more!


Well, I now get the senior discount at Sonny's. The Hot Pockets will be at the Lake County Folk Festival - hooray!


Playing with Ishmael Katz, Susan Gaar and David Buescherat the Sailing Squadron in August was sooooo fun - thanks for including me Ish!! I'm busy helping to organize the Family Music Fest at Oscar Scherer State Park, November 14, 2009. We're gittin' 'er done!


We went Open Mic hopping last night with James Hawkins. Mother's Musical Bakery and Past Times Pub both have an open mic on Thursday night. We ran into some pretty cool people including the Downie Blue Band, Jim Gromko, Kevin McQuire, Bill & Tom, Brad & Lisa, Chris and Phil the Hat to name a few... We didn't get home until 2am - just like the old days ;-)


We stopped by the Wed. night jam at Jean's and had bunches of fun!


Well here it is September already! We checked out the Florida Folk Night at Kojak's Palmetto Ribhouse tonight. Carl Wade played some good tunes, and a newbie, Tony Tyler, wow'ed everyone with Beatle songs. I had a terrfic time at the Venice Beach folk jam last Sunday evening! Playing with Ishmael, Dave and Susan was outstanding monday night!!! And the sound guy was so cute that I took him home with me :-)


Hot Pockets had a fun night at Freedom Village last night! I'm listening to WSLR.ORG ths morning - go James and Ishmael!


Playing with James Hawkins last Saturday was terrific! We also got to listen to Tom Kubik, Rob Gorley and Malcolm McKinney. Hot Pockets are ready for our Friday gig with some new old songs...Would You Like To Swing On a Star??


We enjoyed Mindy and Ishmael at the South Florida Museum in Bradenton this month. They both put on terrific shows. Jim and I are playing with James Hawkins tonight at the Habana Cabana - it'll be too much fun!!


Julia and Nick got married on Aug 7 in Vermont - it was a terrific wedding and reception!!


Three more days until Julia gets married! We're headed for VT tomorrow!


Mindy is due home soon ... I'm missing the Hot Pockets!


We enjoyed the Sailing Squadron concert with Not From Texas. They have a nice blend of folk, pop & originals.


I enjoyed a gig with James Hawkins at Kojak's Palmetto Ribhouse last Tues. Jame's new songs were well received, and Jim was killer on the guitar! If you haven't gone to Kojak's Florida Folk Tuesday yet, do so!! Julia and Nick are getting married August 7!!


I am so lucky! I am an American and I get to play music with very talented and terrific people!


We all enjoyed Doug Spears at the Sailing Squadron! Hot Buttered Moon rocks!


We just made it back from the Florida Folk Festival. Mindy introduced the Hot Pockets to the festival scene, and we had a blast! The rain and mud were a little intense on Saturday, but the weather on Friday and Sunday wasn't bad at all. There was some excellent jamming and it was great seeing old and new friends. I think we should have a folk festival every weekend!!!


Happy Mother's Day! I had the best time playing with Mindy and Ed yesterday at Stevefest. Mindy's performance, stage presence and professionalism always WOW me - it is such an honor to play with her! It was terrific catching other performances at Stevefest, including Still Friends, James Hawkins, Doug Spears, Roadside Revue, and Mike Jurgensen. I'm just sorry I had to poop out and leave before the finale ;-( I'm just not the party animal I used to be.... Hey, that sounds like a song to me! We're all getting ready for the FFF!!


Happy May Day! Life is good! SteveFest is coming right up and the Florida Folk Festival will be here before we know it. I'm learning lots of new songs, playing some May gigs, practicing with my up-right and big girl bass....yep, life is good.


I've been in the recording studio with Mindy and Ed - very very fun! I've also been rehearsing with James Hawkins for a couple of May gigs. He's got me working hard on playing my stand-up. Hot Pockets will be performing this weekend at the UU church - women rule!!


Willfest was FUN FUN FUN! Mindy ROCKED! Pick up one of Mindy's One World DVD. Also, I highly recommend the Daughters of Folk DVDs recorded live at the Florida Folk Festival with Mindy Simmons, Amy Carol Webb and Jeanie Fitchen - big time WOW!


Make sure to check out all of the photos in our gallery! Click here

We're heading for WillFest tomorrow - YAY!


Happy St. Patrick's Day! I am so happy that the festival was such a success! We will be having post-festival meetings to discuss what worked, what didn't work, and ideas for next year. The Oscar Scherer Park Rangers invited us back, and The Friends of OSSP are happy. I'm extremely proud of our little Folk Club! I think I may even recover by the end of the week...


Only 14 more days until the festival!! We're all meeting at Mindy's today to "sweat the details"!


Playing with James Hawkins was mega fun! James' new CD is going to be TERRIFIC!


Only 17 more days until the Sarasota Folk Festival!! We need lots more volunteers!!! We can't put on a festival without volunteers...HELP!


Only 4 weeks until the Sarasota Folk Festival!! I sure did enjoy seeing Grant Peeples!! I bought some honey too ;-)


Only 4 1/2 weeks until the Sarasota Folk Festival!! Many wonderful vendors have signed up!! HOORAY FOR KETTLE CORN!! The Friends of Oscar Scherer Park will be helping us - YAY! This is shaping up into a terrfic festival.


Only 5 1/2 weeks until the Sarasota Folk Festival!!


The Sailing Squadron concert last night was TERRIFIC! Only 6 1/2 weeks until the Sarasota Folk Festival!!!


We're looking for Sarasota Folk Festival volunteers - please say YES! Hot Pockets are busy practising for the festival!


Only 9 weeks before the Sarasota Folk Festival!!! I'll be sending out reminders to vendors to get their forms and money in ASAP! Terrific jam at Oscar Scherer yesterday!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I used to ponder about how life would be in the 2000's when I was a kid. Now here we are already at 2009, and life is good. Have a terrific 2009 - personally and financially!


Kojak's Palmetto Ribhouse has signed up as a vendor for the SFF - HOORAY!!! Jim and I ate there last week, and we highly recommend the pulled port sandwich and ribs!!!




The Mindy Simmons and Bill Schustik Holiday show for WSLR was EXCELLENT! I hope they do that show every year.


The Sarasota Folk Festival plans are proceeding well! I'll be calling on volunteers very soon!


Great jam Jean! I'm sorry we had to leave so early :-(


The Holiday of Song 2008 performances were terrfic - thanks to all of the performers and thanks to all of the volunteers and people who brought treats - YUMMY food!


The food at the Ortygia Itialian Restaurant gig in Bradenton was fantastic!!! I'm sorry we couldn't stay at the venice jam tonight, but it was good to see everyone.


Uncle Brian and I met Ray & Laura Ladd this week - we welcome them to the Sarasota Folk Club! Jim says, "nice guitar Ray!" Mindy, I like your French Man song - I wanna meet this French Man Ooh la oui!! We're kickin' into gear for the Holiday of Song 2008!!


Riverhawk was soooo fun!!! The Cortez Folk Festival was terrific! The sound system was excellent & the weather cleared up nicely. Thanks to Richard for including Sarasota folk groups!


The trip to FL went wonderfully and dad is settled in right behind us. Our daughter, Julia, and her fiancee, Nick, have also moved down here and are looking for jobs in Fort Myers. Julia will be singing with us at the Old Miakka Fall Festival on Nov 2. The Hot Pockets played at the Freedom Village last week, and we ROCKED!!


I'm heading home tomorrow with dad in tow. It's cold and rain-snowing here - there's no place like home...there's no place like home...


Planning for the Sarasota Folk Festival is heating up! Get involved! Email Mindy, Carolyn or Brad if you want to volunteer! Come to the folk club meeting Oct 19.


The jam at Venice Beach was "electrifying", excellent and entertaining musicians and fun dinner at the Thai Bistro in Venice after.


The jam at Mother's Musical Bakery on Friday was fun & terrific baked goods and coffee!


I'm moving dad down to Nokomis this month - hooray!


The Hot Pockets are busy learning new songs!


I made it home last night -dodging the hurricanes - There's No Place Like Home...


I've starting packing to go home! I have a few more tasks to finish in Rochester, and then off I go.


It's been a whole month since my last comment! Why does time go faster the older I get? Is it physics? Talking about age, my son turned 37 last week. I was lucky enough to attend his birthday party in Vermont. My 7 year old granddaughter sang at the party - way too cute! And, while I was in Vermont last week, my daughter, Julia, announced her engagement to Nick Chaplin. We're all very happy and are busy planning a Vermont wedding for August 2009! Now, back in Rochester, my dad is slowly improving. His health aides are doing a good job and his finances are almost in order. I'm planning on heading back to FL Sept 6. While I've had a music-filled summer, I miss Hot Pockets, Maple Mountain Music and Well Dunn soooo much!!!


Maple Mountain Music played a set at the Brockport Conservation Club last Saturday - great fun! We're meeting old musician friends at Sandra's Saloon tomorrow. Dad is still in respite care at park Ridge, but he's improving a little every day. I'm going to try to bust him out of there very soon. We thought about the folks at the Sailing Squadron last night and we REALLY miss our Florida music buddies!!!


I'm driving back to Burlington, VT today from Rochester, NY. I checked in with dad - he'still in the Living Center slowly healing. We're trying to bust him out of there ASAP! I'm picking up my stand-up bass from the shop today. Jim and I will be driving from Burlington, VT to Rochester, NY on Sat. for a week. We have some gigs and family gatherings planned, and then Jim will be driving back to FL. Uncle Snake is in Rochester - I met he and Aunt Donna for lunch at Schaller's yeserday :-) Terrific hamburgers and fries!!!


The Semicon West trade show in San Francisco ended yesterday. We had dinner at Scoma's, near Pier 39 - one of the best seafood restaurants in the area for sure. I'm flying to VT today, and meeting up with Jim - it feels like I haven't seen him in a year... Jim, our son, Mike, daughter, Julia, and I are playing a party on Sat - big fun! We only wish our other son, Paul, could join us on stage, but he couldn't fly up this summer. We'll be like the Partridge Family (my kids love that) ;=)


I REALLY miss everything Florida! I'm getting ready for a trade show I'll be attending all next week in San Francisco. It's been a long and intense work week getting the software ready for the show!!! No music until July 19 - whaaaa.


I'll miss everyone at Jean's tomorrow! I'm still in Rochester trying to set up caregivers for dad. He'll be in the Transitional Care Unit for 2-3 weeks more before he can come home.


I've been hanging out at the hospital - poor ol' dad has five broken bones. The whole hospital has WIFI. I ran into a country-western performer I met a couple times, Gary Hogan, at a coffee shop on Ridge Road. We swapped a few songs and I enjoyed a set he played that evening. Motto - always toss a guitar in the car; you never know who you'll run into!


It appears that I'm supposed to be up North for now. My day job is going very well, and my daughter is also doing very well. Thanks to all who wished her well through a difficult time. Unfortunately, my dad is not doing well at all. He was in a car accident, and landed back in the hospital with a broken ankle and arm. I'll be driving to Rochester tomorrow to see him. I miss everyone in FL!! Hello to my Hot Pocket Sistahs - I hope all is well with you.


It was a rockin' folk jam at Jean's last night! We held another SFF meeting this week. Jim Chaps agreed to be the chair of the Sponsors Committee - TOO COOL!!


The SFF meeting at Oscar scherer State Park was terrific! This is getting really exciting!! Did you know that the SARASOTA FOLK FESTIVAL is moving to Oscar Scherer State Park! March 14th and 15th , 2009. We will NOT be holding a festival event in 2008 as we commit our time and energy to making the 6th festival our very best!!


We stopped by Bruce's jam at Books A Million in Venice tonight. It's a good jam with an excellent and loyal audience. We have a meeting at Oscar Scherer on Wed. this week to discuss plans for the Sarasota Folk Festival 2009.


We met a new friend, Jim, last week in Bay Lake Estates. He's been a fiddler in Sarasota for many many years. He had lots of stories! Plans for next week include Hot Pocket practices & a meeting at Oscar Scherer Park to discuss SFF 2009. We will also be distributing the new SFC flyers. We will try to make time to check out the Folk Jam at the Venice Books A Million on Monday night.


Planning for the Sarasota Folk Festival 2009 has begun! There's lots to do, and we will be asking for volunteers soon.


We're back from the Florida Folk Festival - what a terrific time we had!!! Sarasota was very well represented with excellent volunteers and musicians - I was really proud to be a Sarasotian!! And now we will be taking a nap...


Last night was just too fun! I hope the audience had as much fun as the Hot Pockets did!! By the way, Mindy found her capo - hehe...


The Hot Pockets had our last practice today before the Invitational at the Sailing Squadron tomorrow. Thanks to B & W for playing audience today ;-) We're all excited about this concert!!! I started making a list for the Florida Folk Festival. Jim and I will be there Thurs - Sunday - HOORAY!


I'm heading back to FL on Monday :-)


I hated missing the Gamble Rogers Folk Fest! I can't wait for the Floida Folk Fest!!! I'm still in Vermont, but will be back in FL on May 12.


Back in Burlington, VT and it's cold & rainy. The jam in Brockport, NY yesterday was loads of fun! I hope to be back in FL in a week or two.


I'm in Rochester, NY for the weekend, and then back to Burlington, VT. I may be in Florida by next weekend - we'll see...


It was 75 in Burlington today - can you believe it??? I've been super busy here - I miss ya'll in FL.


I made it to VT today - a long but fairly easy drive. I lost my voice singing along with all my CDs. HIP HIP HOORAY - we are on at Oscar Scherer State Park for the Sarasota Folk Festival 2009!!!


Hot Pockets will be one of the acts at this year's Sailing Squadron Invitational!


I got back from Willfest tonight, and after a long, hot shower, I'm starting to feel human again. Saturday night was AMAZING!!! I got to be on the main stage with Mindy Simmons, Amy Carol Webb, Ed Kinder and Grant Livingston during Mindy's "Ain't Florida Neat?" - my life is now complete ;=) I hope Jean's cold gets better very soon!


Thanks to everyone at the Sailing Squadron concert last night for the acclamation for our new group, Hot Pockets. What a blast! Any project with Mindy is a real adventure - she's the best! Also, thanks for the warm reception for our daughter, Julia. Jim and I are trying to get her to move down here, but those Vermonters are a stubborn bunch! The people who come to the Sailing Squadron concerts are the best audience ever, and all of the performers appreciate the support.


I had to buy a PHP/MySQL/Apache computer book, and ran into Brad at Books A Million, Sarasota today. That was the first time I've seen Brad wearing street clothes ;-)


Too much computer work - not enough music!!!!


It was good to see friends, family and fellow musicians at the Sarasota County Fair. It was also good to see everyone at Jean's - good jam this month.


Good gospal jam tonight - we'll be getting busy recording tomorrow night!


The BAM Jam (funny) was fun - next time we'll bring our own chairs ;=) We hope to see the fiddle player again next winter (if not sooner)!!! A bunch of us 'folkies' will be playing on the Cracker Land Stage at the Sarasota County Fair - it promises to be a good time (FRIED DOUGH...YAAAHOOO!!!)


Jim and I (Well Dunn) played at Books A Million yesterday - lots of fun! Uncle Brian had to work at Myakka State Park, so he couldn't join us. We'll be at the BAM jam tonight (maybe a little late).


Back in FL :-) We just got home from the Sarasota Books A Million jam - it was an excellent jam (very talented people & very tasty music)!


BRRRRR!!!! I just flew into Rochester, NY in the middle of an ice storm.


Here I am in Essex Junction, VT. It's going down to -15 tonight!!! What's up with that??? It took two days at various airports to get here due to bad weather. Anyway, business is doing well, but I miss FL! Brad & Lisa, so sorry to hear about your accident, and sooooo glad neither one of you was seriously injured!


WOW!!! What an amazing show ShaeLaurel gave us last night at the Sailing Squadron!!! The open mic was terrific too - an excellent and entertaining show all around.


We're back from the Kissimmee bluegrass festival. The music line up was outstanding, but I'd rather be outdoors next year. We're looking forward to the Sailing Squadron concert on Monday!!!


We jammed with Curt last night. His version of If You Could Read My Mind gave me chills!!! We may head up to Kissimmee for the bluegrass festival - not sure yet...


We played at the Cortez fish Festival on the 17th - the weather was terrific and there was a big crowd! I'm really glad I got to meet Richard and all of his family. I jammed with Minderella on the 21st - just wait 'til you'll see her on the ol' banjo!!!


It was good jamming with Curt! He's working on my old guitar - I heard Curt has a "special way" with good old instruments! I got this guitar used when I was 12 - so I think that makes it an antique ;-)


We played at the Venice Books A Million jam last night. We met some new friends and had an excellent jam with a good mix of folk, bluegrass and old time. We're looking forward to jamming with Curt Clark tomorrow night!


It looks like I'm club VP - I hope I know what I'm getting myself into! But seriously, a great group of people with a common interest - I'm looking forward...


Maple Mountain Music played at Barnie's Coffee & Wine Bar last night. It's a terrific new venue full of great people! Thanks to Brad, the word is getting out there.


We went to the Snobird & Cracker Reunion at Craig's RV last weekend. We went to The Chapmans (my favorite bluegrass band) and Cadallac Sky's afternoon show. The Chapmans were excellent as usual,but I hope next time they have a few less slow songs. Cadallac Sky was more Americana than Bluegrass. I'm not sure how they were received at Craig's RV, but they were very talented and skillful.


We were all very entertained by the open mic performers during the Sailing Squadron concert!!! I hope we see them all again next year!


Mindy and I went to Oscar Scherer Saturday to check out the park as a possible location for March 2009. We talked with John Roach and it went very well.


Jim Gromko resigned as the Vice Present of the club early this morning.


James Hawkins officially resigned as the club president today. Mindy Simmons was named as the new acting President.


We're back from the South Florida Folk Festival. The weather Friday night and Saturday during the day was terrific. The rain held off until Saturday night. Mindy's performance was excellent as usual! Patty, once again, prepared an outstanding dinner for all of us - WE LOVE PATTY!!! Meeting at Mindy's tomorrow...


We're off to the South Florida Folk Festival this Friday!!!


The rain held off for Sarasota Arts Day. Juniper had an excellent set on the Sarasota Folk Club stage - thank you Juniper!!!


We wish James Hawkins good luck with his musical projects, and thank him for his work as the club president. Arts Day is coming right up - Jan 13!!!


We had loads of fun jamming with Curt Clark & Jim only sneezed a couple times - maybe those meds really helped?


Work on the Sarasota Folk Festival 2009 is underway. Stay tuned. The Sarasota Arts Day is coming right up. Many of our club folkies will be performing - don't miss it!!!


Happy New Year!!!! I hope everyone has a very folkie year!


We're back from Vermont. We had a terrific time with kids and grandkids!!!


Winter Solstice Eve at the Gromko's was a wonderful way to bring in the winter!


We sang some Christmas songs at Jean's jam tonight. Jm Gromko's Winter Solstice Eve Gathering 2007 is tomorrow night.


The blues jam at Buckingham's didn't go so well - I guess I'd better stick with Folk!


WOW!!! The Holiday of Song 2007 was fantastic!!! We are sooo lucky to live in a community with so many talented people.


We met with John and Diana from Oscar Scherer State Park today to discuss moving the Sarasota Folk Festival to the park in March 2009. It was a very positive and informative meeting!


Mindy Simmons' Holiday concert w/ Ed Kinder was terrfic!


Ed Kinder as agreed to play piano during the show - TOO COOL!


What a terrific Folk Community we have in Sarasota! The support for Holiday of Song 2007 has been stellar!


We're back from a weekend of Bluegrass at Craig's RV Park in Arcadia. All of the young people in the Bluegrass Parlor Band out of Tampa were amazing! Except for the fire aunts, a jammin' good time was had by all.


Playing at the Metro last night with Mindy Simmons, Ed Kinder, Nick Dow, and Jim Dunn was soooooo fun!!! Mindy ROCKS!!! And Ed is a WILD MAN!!!


Holiday of Song: The Jewish Chorale said YES!! I'm still waiting to hear back from Jim Gromko and Bruce Brunette. Jim and I practiced with Mindy, Ed and Nick tonight - LOTS OF FUN! Ed needs to stay away from dentists ;-)


Maple Mountain Music just booked Cortez Festival - like...totally cool man.


It's COLD in Rochester, NY!!! There's snow on the ground! James Hawkins will let me know tomorrow about having the Pineview Chorus for the Holiday show. I'm still waiting to hear back from Jim Gromko and The Jewish Chorale.


Thanksgiving was terrific - with family and friends. I wrote a few emails today for the Holiday Of Song. I heard back from Elaine Silver - very cool person. I hope to hear back from the Jewish Chorale and Jim Gromko soon about being in the show. Also, James Hawkins is working on recruiting the Pineview Chorus. Jim and I will be playing with Mindy and Ed at the Metro on Nov 30 - VERY COOL! Jim and I are flying to Rochester, NY tomorrow AM to visit family and friends. I get to spend time with my granddaughters :-) Ohhhh the Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round.... We'll be back Tues.


The SFC meeting was this evening. Discussions included the Sarasota Folk Festival and Holiday of Song 2007. It was a lively meeting and good exchange of ideas. I'll be making some calls and sending out emails tomorrow for the Holiday of Song.


TGIF!!! The SFC meeting is on Sunday. We have lots of stuff to discuss, so I hope everyone is there on time! Pot luck at 5pm, and meeting should begin by 6 or 6:30 at the latest I hope. Jean's jam was fun last night :-)

Holiday of Song 2007: Ishmael and Carl have both agreed to perform at the Holiday Of Song 2007 - hooray! I haven't heard back yet from Jim Gromko. I also haven't heard back yet from Marie Horn, verifying the Squadron availability for Dec 17. I'll be sending out some more emails today.


We're looking forward to Jean's jam tonight.


I'll be ramping up for the Holiday of Song 2007 very soon. I'll be calling on performers and volunteers - please please say YES!!! Barbara has kindly offered guidance, and I know we can put on a wonderful Holiday show again this year.


We are almost recovered from the Florida Folk Festival 2007! It was AMAZING!!! Mindy Simmons was kind enough to let us hang tightly to her coat tails and perform 3 sets with her. Mindy, we love you - you ROCK! Frank Thomas generously let me sing my "Where the Myakka River Flows" song on the Gazebo - WHAT AN AWESOME and humbling experience!!! The nights were dark and cold, but we did brave it on Saturday night to catch some of the jams. The talent, song swapping, energy, passion, sense of community and brotherhood were powerful and wonderful. Jean Hewitt and Jeanne and Robert Scicard were our neighbors, as were Will and Barbara Simmons, and they all worked relentlessly. All of the volunteers at the FOFF booth & golf cart drivers were terrific! It's impossible to put into words what an amazing experience the Florida Folk Festival is, and Jim and I can't wait until May for the next one!!!